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True Ruler [DEMO]


RECENT FIX NOTE(S): Replaced re-spawn animation for animals.PREVIOUS FIX NOTE(S):~Fixed missing DirtCave.png file.~Fixed most of the items being miss labeled as head gear, body gear, accessory, or weapon.~Fixed Magic Water to use the same heal animation as a Potion.~Fixed end of demo credits.~Fixed error that caused inability to leave Everly Town once free roam was unlocked.~Fixed missing Heal2.png file.~Fixed missing Battle4 audio file. ~Fixed missing Battle2 audio file.~Fixed missing !Flame.png file.
DESCRIPTION AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:The story of a young prince and his rise to power. This is only a demo for the game and does not represent in full the final project completion. The game runs best on higher-end devices although it can run on lower end devices.
TROUBLESHOOTING/HELP:If there happens to be any moment were the game states that a file is missing please post what the error states in one of the comments or send a screenshot of the error to so that I can fix it as soon as possible. If at any moment one of these errors is reported I will work on creating a new upload that fixes the error and this current upload will be removed. Thank your for your support.